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Garden Waste Removal Services

Looking for a garden waste removal service in Adelaide? You’ve come to the right place. Fluro Skip Bins is a family owned and operated business that helps customers with all of their earth waste needs. Our friendly team is always on hand to deliver a skip bin straight to your location. Whether you’re a DIY homeowner working in the garden or a professional landscaper that needs to dispose of earth waste in a hurry, we’re the people to call.
We can also help with mixed waste skip bin hire.


How do you get rid of garden waste?

The best way to get rid of garden waste is to hire a skip bin. You can do so by contacting a bin hire company. They’ll drop a unit off at your property and then pick it up again once full, taking care of all the heavy lifting and messy work for you.

Do councils have to collect garden waste?

Each council will have a different policy when it comes to the collection of garden waste. For the most part, however, councils do not have to collect garden waste. This means that you will need to take care of disposal yourself. You can either transport garden waste to a collection facility or hire a skip bin company to do it for you.

Can you put garden waste in a normal bin?

No, garden waste cannot go into a normal bin. The reason being that this will contaminate the waste which makes separating the materials difficult. Garden waste should go into a garden waste bin or a specific skip provided by a hire company.

How do I get rid of large lawn & earth waste?

Large lawn and earth waste should be disposed of in a skip bin. A hire company will deliver an appropriate bin to your property and collect it once full. Then, they’ll correctly dispose of the waste so you don’t have to.