Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide – 7 Day Mini Skip Bin Hire

Fluro Skip Bins are a family run, locally owned and operated mini skip bin company situated in Adelaide offering cheap mini skip bin hire.

We have no booking or delivery fees and all our skip bins can be hired up to 7 days allowing plenty of time to fill the skip bin. If you need the skip bin for longer just ask our friendly team when booking.

Our mini skip bins are ideal for all kinds of waste – general household, concrete, masonry, dirt, metal, green waste, or a mixture. Skip bin prices vary according to the waste type. Just click on our Waste Types page for more information on waste type.

We can usually offer same day delivery if booked before 10am (subject to availabilty), or next day delivery. If you do not need the skip bin for the full 7 days, just call us for a collection and we’ll endeavor to collect the skip bin as soon as possible.

Skip bins from Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide come in 6 convenient sizes: small 2 cubic metre mini skips, medium 3 & 4 cubic metre mini skips, and larger 6, 7 & 10 cubic metre skip bins. Most of our skip bins have doors for easy usage – please ask when booking if you need a door on your skip bin (subject to availability).

To calculate the skip bin size you need for the amount of rubbish you have to dispose of, 1 cubic metre is the equivalent of 1 x (6×4) trailer load (approximately). So for example, a 3 cubic metre skip bin would hold approximately 3 x (6×4) trailer loads.

We cover most of the metropolitan Adelaide area – just click on our Skip Bin Delivery Areas button to see if you are in our range. If you are unsure of anything that’s not answered on our website please call us on 0418 318 867, or email on flurobins@gmail.com for a free quote.

Fluro Skip Bins

Commonly Asked Questions

Will my rubbish be recycled?

When you book a skip bin through Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide, over 90% of your rubbish will be recycled. If you choose a general waste skip bin, in which your can put all sorts of materials, the waste gets separated into different groups.

Metals are separated into ‘ferrous’ and ‘non-ferrous’ and sold to both domestic and export markets and smelted for reuse as a direct replacement for virgin raw materials.

Masonry (mostly concrete and bricks) are crushed to produce a range of road-base materials which are sold on. These materials are direct replacements for materials traditionally quarried from the earth.

Timber is either sold to timber joineries for reuse in the manufacture of recycled furniture, doors, windows, or shredded to produce saleable mulch typically used in the landscaping sectors (depending on the size of the timber).

Paper / Cardboard is baled and sold in the domestic market to be re-used in the production of new paper and cardboard products.

Plastics are baled and sold to various markets. Recycled plastic is sorted, cleaned and remanufactured into plastic pellets which are a direct replacement for virgin plastic raw materials. These plastic pellets are then used to manufacture a range of plastic materials including automotive components, buckets and containers as well as construction materials.

If you have a combination of concrete, and general waste, you can help the environment by cutting down the separation process of these materials – order 2 skip bins and put all concrete in one, and all general waste in another – it will help the environment and also save you money!

What are your opening hours?

Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide are open every day. We deliver and collect skip bins from Monday through to Saturday, and are also open Sundays for bookings. Our hours of operation are:

Monday – Friday: 7am – 5pm.
Saturday: 8am – 2pm (deliveries and collections only until approx 1.30pm. After this time open for bookings only).
Sunday: 9am – 1pm (bookings only – no deliveries or collections).
Public holidays: 9am – 5pm (bookings only – no deliveries or collections).

Can I place electrical goods in my skip bin?

You can but they should be placed on top of all other rubbish within the skip bin (making sure to keep level with rim of the skip bin). There are no extra charges for electrical items. You can only put in electrical goods in general waste skip bins, and mixed waste skip bins. You cannot put electrical goods in green waste skip bins, concrete only skip bins, clean fill skip bins, or unclean / lawn & earth skip bins.

Is there additional charges for extra days?

Here at Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide we hire out our skip bins for up to 5 days. If you need the skip bin for longer, there could be an extra charge depending on if it’s peak / unpeak season, or a particularly high demand period. You could get charged $20 extra per day if you need the skip bin for more than 5 days. Generally the bigger skip bins (6 cubic metre skip bins, 7 cubic metre skip bins and 10 cubic metre mega bins) are more in demand than the smaller skip bins.

Are there any items that are extra?

Yes. Mattresses, gas bottles, and tyres are $35 extra per item. You can get around the extra charge for the mattress by separating the inner springs from the material – cut around the edge of the mattress, and pull apart the material completely from the inner springs. Put the material and the metal springs into the skip bin separately, and you will not get charged the extra fee.

If you have tyres to dispose of, they are also $35 each if you put them in the skip bin. However there is a cheaper alternative – The Tyre Collectors in Wingfield offer cheap rates for tyre disposal.

What time will my skip bin be delivered?

When booking your skip bin, you can request for a morning or afternoon delivery. We can usually accommodate such requests. If you need the skip bin delivered at a particular time, this can be more tricky due to other commitments and drivers runs. If you have such time restrictions please advise our customer service team when booking – we are always willing to try and go that extra mile to accommodate your needs.

What time will my skip bin be collected?

Your skip bin will be collected on the allocated day that you have booked for it to be collected, or 5 days after delivery. We cannot stick to any times for collections due to other commitments and drivers runs. If you haven’t booked in your skip bin for collection one of our service team will book it in automatically after it has been on site for 5 days, or text / call you to arrange. Please ensure the skip bin is accessible to our drivers after the 5 day hire period to avoid extra charges.

Do I have to keep the skip bin for the full 7 days?

No. If you need the skip bin for just one day, or for the full 7 days, just advise our customer service team when booking. We do have some busy periods where skip bins can be left for an extra day or so, so if you need your skip bin gone by a certain day please tell us when booking and we will make sure it is collected when you need it collected. You can also request to have your skip bin delivered in the morning, and collected in the afternoon. If this is the case it’s best to book a few days in advance, and same day collection cannot always be guaranteed.

What cannot be put into the skip bin?

There are certain items that must not be put in to ANY skip bin. These are: asbestos, chemicals, toxic waste, food, liquid, paint, contaminants, animal / human waste, soiled nappies, oils, flammables, explosives, putrescible waste.

Bricks, concrete, pavers, rocks, tiles, dirt, soil, mulch or similar cannot be put into general waste skip bins.

General waste, green waste, dirt, soil, mulch or similar cannot be put in to concrete only skip bins.

General waste, green waste, mulch or similar cannot be put in to clean fill skip bins.

General waste cannot be put in to unclean fill / lawn & earth skip bins.

General waste, dirt / soil, concrete, bricks, pavers, rocks, tiles cannot be put into green waste skip bins.

What if I over fill my skip bin?

Skip bins should be filled up only to the rim and not above. Overloaded skip bins are dangerous and illegal to transport, therefore if your rubbish is over the rim of the skip bin the driver will remove the offending items and place them next to the skip bin. If he is unable to do this we will ask you to level it out and remove the offending items. If we return to collect your skip bin after requesting it to be levelled out and you have not done so then you will be charged a $30 call out fee.

What if my skip bin is over the weight limit?

All our skip bins for general waste, mixed waste, and green waste have weight limits. When your skip bin is collected, it will be taken over a weigh bridge and the contents of the skip will be weighed. If the contents of the skip bin go over the designated weight limit for the size and waste type of the skip bin you have paid for, there will be an additional charge. Overweight skips are charged at $20 extra per 100kg over the weight limit.

What are the weight limits on skip bins?

Weight limits differ for size and category. Please see our Waste Types page for the different weight limits.

What sizes of skip bins do you supply?

We offer 6 different skip bin sizes:

2 cubic metre mini skip bins

3 cubic metre skip bins

4 cubic metre skip bins

6 cubic metre skip bins

7 cubic metre mega skips

10 cubic metre mega skip bins

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For the cheapest skip bin hire in Adelaide, turn to us. If you have any questions about our skip bin hire rates or availability in your suburb, please reach out to our team today. Call us on 0418 318 867 or send us a message below.

Please Note: For same-day delivery, bookings must be made before 10 am (subject to availability). While we work hard to ensure your skip bin is picked up on the specified day, it sometimes cannot be guaranteed. For collections on certain days, please tell an advisor when booking.

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