Recycling Processes for Skip Bin Waste: Part One

Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide uses a local Adelaide recycling plant to separate and recycle all the contents placed into the skip bins. They use a very efficient process to recycle the waste and currently around 90% of all waste is recycled and diverted from landfill.

The principal method of recovering the inherent resources has been a 3 zone system, designed to separate the waste stream back in to its core fractions.

1st Zone: all material passes through a screening plant to remove the sub 15mm fraction of the waste stream. This consists mainly of soil (90-95%) and smaller fragmants of concrete and stone. This material is then screened again to remove the sub 7mm fraction and the remaining soil is tested and reutilized as cleanfill.

2nd Zone: all material now passes under an elevated magnetic conveyor belt, which automatically removes all ferrous materials. Material that is between 15mm and 100mm is diverted to the waterbath where ‘heavies’ such as stone, concrete, brick and tile sink are separated from the ‘lights’. The ‘heavies’ are then diverted to the crusher for production of recycled pavement materials, and the ‘lights’, such as timber and cardboard, which float, are diverted back onto the picking line.

3rd Zone: the remaining materials (greater than 100mm) consisting of mainly larger manageable sized timber, plastic, paper / cardboard, masonry and non-ferrous materials are then distributed via conveyor into an elevated picking station. This covered picking station houses 9-12 workers (or pickers), who sort the materials from either side of the conveyor belt. Each picker will concentrate on their own fraction or material responsibility. As a picker sorts their responsible fraction, it falls beneath the picking station into separate bays where it is either baled or loaded into bins for removal. The pickers between them, sort the material into the following fractions:

Paper / Cardboard; Plastics; Timber; Masonry; Ferrous and non-ferrous metals.


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