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What makes Adelaide Skip Bins Different?

Concrete Removal in Adelaide

Fluro Skip Bins offers professional concrete skip bin hire services, catering to a broad spectrum of concrete waste disposal needs across Adelaide. We provide a comprehensive service by delivering skip bins to your specified location and ensuring their prompt collection once filled. Our services are essential for home renovations, outdoor repaving, or demolition work, offering a reliable and efficient solution for concrete waste management. Choose Fluro Skip Bins for professional, standout service in concrete waste removal, where customer satisfaction and environmental responsibility are our top priorities. There’s no better choice than Fluro Skip Bins for concrete removal in Adelaide.

What can you put in a concrete skip bin?

Our concrete bins are designed for specific types of waste, including concrete, bricks, pavers, and tiles. Avoid placing general waste, green waste (such as trees and leaves), soil, food scraps, and hazardous materials like asbestos into these bins. These guidelines are important: waste removal facilities won’t accept those materials in concrete skip bins to ensure compliance with environmental standards and regulations.

Things to consider when hiring a bin for concrete removal

Customers who hire our skip bin for concrete must comply with specified material guidelines and observe two additional safety measures. Firstly, the bin’s fill limits should be followed to prevent hazards or risks to those using the bin and anyone nearby. Secondly, using a face mask is strongly recommended during the disposal process. The breaking and dropping of concrete can release airborne particles, posing a health risk through inhalation. Taking precautionary steps, such as wearing protective masks and clothing, reduces potential safety concerns, ensuring a safer environment for all involved.

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Contact the Fluro Skip Bins team if you need a skip bin for concrete removal. We also provide different bins for general waste in many different sizes. We provide a reliable and professional service to customers throughout Adelaide.


What can you do with concrete waste?

Concrete waste can be disposed of by a professional removal company. In most cases, they will drop a skip bin off at your location and then organise for it to be picked up once full. All you need to do is throw your concrete waste inside. Remember to follow the rules regarding how high you can fill a bin to ensure everything is collected safely.

Where do I take old concrete?

Old concrete can be taken to a waste removal facility, a C&D recycling centre or a building supply company that sells recycled materials. The best way to do this is by hiring a skip bin that can be delivered to your property and picked up once full.

What happens to concrete waste?

Concrete waste is sent to the local recycling centre or a transfer station where it can be recycled for use on other projects. Building supply companies that sell concrete products also take old concrete waste. Be sure to adhere to any requirements regarding disposal and ensure that you always do so safely and ethically.

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