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Clean Fill Skip Bin Hire

Clean fill refers to uncontaminated soil, rock, and sand generated during excavation projects, landscaping activities, and minor demolitions. It excludes materials like concrete, bricks, tiles, timber, and any hazardous waste. Clean fill plays a crucial role in construction and landscaping, as it can be reused for various purposes:

  • Backfilling trenches and foundations: Clean fill provides a stable and level base for structures.
  • Landscaping features: Clean fill can create hills, berms, and other aesthetic elements.

You can ensure responsible waste management by utilising clean fill skip bin hire while contributing to sustainable practices. Remember that green waste such as tree branches, leaves and garden clippings are not permitted in 100% clean fill bins. The same applies to asbestos, food waste, paint and liquids. The reason is that these things can contaminate the clean-fill disposal process, making the waste unsuitable for reuse.

Benefits of using clean fill bins

Opting for clean fill disposal through skip bins offers several environmental and practical advantages:

  • Reduces landfill waste: Clean fill doesn’t require landfill space, a valuable resource becoming increasingly scarce.
  • Promotes resource recovery: Reusing clean fill minimises the need for virgin materials, conserving natural resources.
  • Cost-effective solution: Disposing of clean, fill-in dedicated bins is often cheaper than general waste disposal options.
  • Supports a circular economy: Clean fill reuse fosters a sustainable cycle by utilising waste materials for new purposes.

Proper usage and restrictions

It’s crucial to use clean fill bins responsibly to maintain their intended purpose and avoid unnecessary complications:


  • Do’s


      • Fill the bin only with acceptable materials like soil, rock, and sand.
      • Ensure the fill is free of debris and vegetation.


  • Don’t’s


    • Include any contaminants like concrete, bricks, timber, or hazardous waste.
    • Overfill the bin; keep the material below the rim for safe transportation.

By following these guidelines, you contribute to responsible waste management and ensure the smooth operation of clean-fill skip bin services.

Contact us for the clean-fill bin rental

Ready to responsibly dispose of your clean fill? We offer a range of clean fill skip bin sizes to cater to your project’s needs. Our team can provide expert advice and ensure proper disposal of your clean fill, contributing to a sustainable future for Adelaide.

Fluro Skip Bins is here to help if you need a clean fill bin to remove soil, dirt, small gravel less than 60mm in diameter and similar materials. We can also help with the disposal of concrete waste, green waste, and garden waste. All of which are offered in different skip bin sizes. Contact our friendly team today to find out more.


What is clean fill?

Clean fill includes soil, dirt, gravel less than 60mm in diameter, sand and topsoil that is not contaminated by other forms of waste. Usually collected from construction sites, clean fill is repurposed for use on other projects and doesn’t end up in landfill.

Where can I dispose of clean fill?

You can dispose of clean fill by contacting Fluro Skip Bins. We will deliver a skip bin to your location of choice and then take it away for correct disposal once full. Clean fill is reused within the building and construction industry.

Where can I get rid of dirt?

Dirt can be taken to a landfill or your local dump, where you can dispose of it yourself. Alternatively, you can hire a skip bin service, and they will take care of the hard work for you. Simply book an appropriately sized bin and fill it with unwanted dirt. Once full, the same company will pick up the skip and remove it for you.

Is drywall considered clean fill?

Drywall is not considered a clean fill and should not be disposed of in a clean fill bin. Clean fill includes dirt, soil, gravel less than 60mm in diameter, sand, topsoil and other similar materials. If you need more clarification, always speak with an expert.

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