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Clean Fill Disposal

Clean fill bins can be used for the disposal of dirt, soil, small gravel less than 60mm in diameter, sand, top soil and other similar materials that can be repurposed for other uses. These bins are ideal for construction workers, landscapers and DIY homeowners undertaking a renovation or new build.

Keep in mind that green waste such as tree branches, leaves and garden clippings are not permitted in 100% clean fill bins. The same applies to asbestos, food waste, paint and liquids. The reason being that these things can contaminate the clean fill disposal process, making the waste unsuitable for reuse.

Contact us for clean fill bin rental

Fluro Skip Bins is here to help if you need a clean fill bin for the removal of soil, dirt, small gravel less than 60mm in diameter and similar materials. Contact our friendly team today to find out more. We can also help with concrete waste disposal.


What is clean fill?

Clean fill includes soil, dirt, gravel less than 60mm in diameter, sand and topsoil that is not contaminated by other forms of waste. Usually collected from construction sites, clean fill is repurposed for use on other projects and doesn’t end up in landfill.

Where can I dispose of clean fill?

You can dispose of clean fill by getting in touch with Fluro Skip Bins. We will deliver a skip bin to your location of choice and then take it away for correct disposal once full. Clean fill is reused within the building and construction industry.

Where can I get rid of dirt?

Dirt can be taken to landfill or your local dump where you can then dispose of it yourself. Alternatively, you can hire a skip bin service and they will take care of the hard work for you. Simply book a bin that is appropriately sized and then fill it up with unwanted dirt. Once full, the same company will pick the skip up and get rid of it for you.

Is drywall considered clean fill?

Drywall is not considered to be clean fill and should not be disposed of in a clean fill bin. Clean fill includes dirt, soil, gravel less than 60mm in diameter, sand, top soil and other similar materials. If unsure, always speak with an expert.