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Green Waste Skip Bins for Hire

Fluro Skip Bins specialises in green waste skip bin hire, offering efficient and professional services across Adelaide to ensure customer satisfaction. Our dedicated team facilitates the delivery and collection of bins from your location, accommodating your green waste disposal needs. Whether you’re pruning trees, clearing backyards, or managing smaller clean-up tasks, know that we have all your needs met. With a diverse range of skip bin hire green waste options available, Fluro Skip Bins is ready to help you. For detailed information or to secure our services, please contact us.

What is green waste?

Many remain unsure about green waste and what can go into a green bin. So, we’ve decided to simplify things. You can put anything outside your garden into a green waste bin—except dirt and lawn.

In other words, you can dispose of:

    • Trees
    • Weeds
    • Woodchips
    • Grass clippings
    • Shrubs
    • Bark
    • Old stumps – small
    • Leaves
    • Small branches

You can’t dispose of:

    • Soil and dirt
    • Concrete, brick, tiles, sand, stone, rocks, pebbles
    • Hazardous materials like wet paint tins, asbestos, liquids, empty chemical containers, insulation

Benefits of green waste skip bin hire

At Fluro Skip Bins, we offer green waste skip bin hire Adelaide for a convenient and eco-friendly approach to yard work. Our various skip sizes handle projects of any scale, saving you time and energy through effortless disposal, reliable delivery, and pick-up services. By choosing this option, you contribute to a greener future by ensuring the responsible processing of your garden trimmings, often into compost or mulch, and promote a healthy ecosystem by preventing the spread of disease and pests. Contact Fluro Skip Bins today for a free quote and experience the numerous benefits of responsible green waste management.

Usage and restrictions of green waste skip bins

To use our green waste skip bin hire service in Adelaide, it’s crucial to understand proper usage and restrictions. Fill your skip with acceptable materials like yard trimmings, plant materials, and untreated wood chips. However, strictly avoid soil, sand, rocks, food scraps, hazardous materials, treated wood, and building materials, as they require specialised disposal methods. Refer to our FAQs or contact us for a complete list and ensure safe, responsible waste processing for a cleaner and greener environment.

About us

Fluro Skip Bins is a family-owned and operated local mini-skip bin company offering affordable mini-skip bins for hire in Adelaide.

We make it easier for you by providing our services across Adelaide from north to south. Our services have no booking and delivery fees for all skip bins and are available for hire for up to 7 days. If you need the skip bin longer, you can ask our friendly team when booking. Feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Contact us for green waste removal in Adelaide

Contact Fluro Skip Bins today if you need help removing green waste in Adelaide. We also provide other skip bins, such as garden waste removal skip bins, in different sizes. We pride ourselves on prompt delivery and quick pick-up times, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Look to us for affordable prices across the board and know that we are the people to call when it comes to green waste skip bin hire.


What is considered as green waste?

Green waste includes trees, bark, chip wood, shrubs, weeds, grass clippings and small branches. You can safely dispose of the above in a green skip bin. Remember not to put soil, dirt, concrete, brick, tiles, or hazardous materials into a green bin.

What can go in a green waste bin?

You can put most of what you would find in your backyard into a green waste bin. This extends to shrubs, weeds, grass clippings, trees, branches and bark. Depending on the size of your bin, you may need to cut larger branches up to ensure they can safely fit without creating any safety hazards.

How do I get rid of green waste?

Getting rid of green waste is easy. Simply get in touch with Fluro Skip Bins and request a bin. We’ll come straight to your property and deliver a suitable unit. Once it’s full, our team will return for pickup and dispose of the waste for you.

Can I dump my garden soil in a green skip bin?

Garden soil and dirt cannot be dumped into a green skip bin. The same applies to food waste (such as meat, vegetables, eggshells, etc), plastic bags, etc. You can use a green bin for trees, branches, weeds, bark and leaves.

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For the cheapest skip bin hire in Adelaide, turn to us. If you have any questions about our skip bin hire rates or availability in your suburb, please reach out to our team today. Call us on 0418 318 867 or send us a message below.

Please Note: For same-day delivery, bookings must be made before 10 am (subject to availability). While we work hard to ensure your skip bin is picked up on the specified day, it sometimes cannot be guaranteed. For collections on certain days, please tell an advisor when booking.

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