Hot Money Saving Tip: Tyres

Hiring a skip bin in Adelaide is easy and affordable with Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide. We accept may kinds of waste, but like all skip bin hire companies, we do charge extra for certain items that you might put in the skip bins. These are mattresses, gas bottles, and tyres.

We charge an extra $30 per item for these. If you have any of these then the price can add up, but there is good news!! If you have tyres to dispose of, The Tyre Collectors offer a cheap and friendly alternative to putting your tyres in the skip bins.

They can arrange to pick up from your location at regular intervals or on a more casual “at need” basis. Alternatively you can drop off your waste tyres at their depot in Wingfield between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

The Tyre Collectors was established in 2011 to provide South Australian businesses large and small with the most efficient, reliable and economical waste tyre disposal service.

With years of experience in the waste tyre recovery business the team at The Tyre Collectors are some of the most experienced in Adelaide.

Here are their charges for tyre disposal if you drop them off to their depot:

  • Passenger tyres
  • Light truck & 4×4
  • Heavy truck
  • Passenger tyres on rims
  • Light truck and 4×4 on rims
  • Heavy truck on rims
  • Tractor and Earthmover tyres
  • $3 each
  • $6 each
  • $12 each
  • $10 each
  • $16 each
  • $45 each
  • .50c per kilo

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Created 19th August 2015


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