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Save Money on Mixed Waste Skip Bins by Using Our New 'Skip Bin Bundles'

At Fluro Skip Bin Hire we are commited to keeping our prices as low as possible for Adelaide residents. We strive to recycle all waste in the most efficient way possible to keep the impact on the environment to a minimum.

Lots of people have a mixture of general household waste and concrete. Mixing these waste streams together in the same skip bin pushes the price of dumping up by a large amount because when you mix heavy materials such as concrete, with general household waste, the skip bin becomes very heavy, therefore the price of dumping the contents of the skip bin increases.

The recycling process of all these waste types mixed together is also more time consuming and costly as they have to be separated before being recycled. For example, masonry (predominately concrete and bricks) are crushed to produce a range of saleable road-base materials. These materials are direct replacements for materials traditionally quarried from the earth. By mixing these materials together in a skip bin with general household waste, they must be extracted before being recycled.

Here at Fluro Skip Bins, we encourage our customers to separate their own waste streams. If you have a mixture of concrete and general waste, enough to fill a 4 cubic meter skip bin, the price would be for a 'heavy weight' skip bin rather than the cheaper rate of a 'general waste' skip bin. If you have enough general waste for a 2 cubic meter, and enough concrete for a 2 cubic meter, then we can supply you with 2 skip bins, and all you need to do is put the concrete in the 2 cubic meter skip bin, and the general waste in the other 2 cubic meter skip bin. This way we do not need to charge you for a heavy weight 4 cubic meter skip bin - the price for 2 separate bins is cheaper and better for the environment.

Price Comparison:

4 cubic meter skip bin for general waste mixed with concrete

1 x 2 cubic meter skip bin for general waste only (no concrete or dirt) 
PLUS 1 x 2 cubic meter skip bin for concrete only 


These skip bin bundles can be done to suit your needs. Just call one of our friendly advisors who can help and advise on the cheapest skip bin bundle to suit you.

Updated 19th March 2015

Recycling Processes for Skip Bin Waste: Part One
Fluro Skip Bin Hire Adelaide uses a local Adelaide recycling plant to separate and recycle all the contents placed into the skip bins. They use a very efficient process to recycle the waste and currently around 90% of all waste is recycled and diverted from landfill.
General Waste Skip Bins
General waste skip bins for Adelaide residents come in the following sizes:
‚Äč2 cubic meter
3 cubic meter
4 cubic meter
6 cubic meter
7 cubic meter
General waste includes most household items such as furniture, white goods, electrical, cardboard, paper, timber, toys, manchester, clothes, plastics etc. 
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