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General Waste Skip Bins Adelaide

General waste skip bins for Adelaide residents come in the following sizes:

‚Äč2 cubic meter
3 cubic meter
4 cubic meter
6 cubic meter
7 cubic meter

General waste includes most household items such as furniture, white goods, electrical, cardboard, paper, timber, toys, manchester, clothes, plastics etc. General waste only skip bins do not include any concrete or dirt. Mattresses, gas bottles and tyres must be declared to an advisor when booking the skip bin as they do carry an extra charge per item: mattresses (with springs) are $10 extra per item, gas bottles are $25 extra per item, tyres (excluding push bike tyres) are $25 extra per item. These items must be placed on top of all other waste.

Scrap metal are allowed in with general waste and should be placed on top of all other items.

Created 2nd March 2015

Recycling Processes for Skip Bin Waste: Part One
Fluro Skip Bin Hire Adelaide uses a local Adelaide recycling plant to separate and recycle all the contents placed into the skip bins. They use a very efficient process to recycle the waste and currently around 90% of all waste is recycled and diverted from landfill. 
Recycling Processes for Skip Bin Waste: Part Two
Paper / cardboard: Paper and cardboard are baled and sold within the domestic market. The material is re-used in the production of new paper and cardboard products.
Plastics: Plastic is also baled and exported to various markets, where plastic (especially film) is highly sought after.
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